Boys Bedding – Quilts for Boys Bedding

Quilts are types of bedding that have several layers instead of a single flat sheet. In many cases, quilts are not used as bed coverings. They actually innovated to become a room ornament. They are artistically hung on the wall or displayed along with frames. There are quilts that can transform into a pillow.

These quilts are fondly called "Quillows." They are made with an attached pocket which allows the whole blanket to be folded. In this way the "Quillow" can be folded into a cushion during the day and can be unfolded to become a blanket at night.

However, if we have kids at home, we could not just pick any kind of quilt for any family member. Especially boys, they tend to get as picky as the girls when it comes to these. Where and how can we get ideas for boys of different age ranges?

You may integrate your child's interests into the quilts that they may use. In this way you help them know you are in for supporting them in achieving their dreams and enhancing their individuality. The quilts may also serve as their relic of their childhood experiences that they could bring with them through the rest of their lives.

You and your child may choose those quilts that show a print coming from his favorite book. It is in the books that a child usually makes his dreams from. You may also offer your child some quilts that have the image of their most loved movie character. Boys can choose from Spongebob Squarepants to Superman or from Cookie Monster to the Transformers.

If the boys are fond of video games, they can choose those with a Star Wars print. They may also have their quilts in checkered designs where the checks are patterned from a chess board or checkers and even monopoly. Or they could simply have prints of their favorite animals.

All in all, a child can have his preferred quilt design in the simplest way. The quilt does not have to be really expensive. You can actually put on a few layers by sewing together some fabrics of different shapes and colors.

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