Elna Sewing Machines – The Best Sewing Machine You Can Buy?

For those who take sewing seriously, and expect performance at the next level, it should be noted that many professionals consider Elna the best sewing machine of its type. For embroidery and high high-detail, the Elna 8600 Xplore is a great machine, and for quilting or other heavy materials, the Elna 7200 is designed to work a little harder. Both provide the user with a wide variety of presser feet for different applications, and an amazing set of stitch patterns they can perform automatically.

Elna 8600 Xplore

It only takes one project using an Elna 8600 Xplore Sewing Machine to be convinced. Built for precision and productivity, the Elna Xplore is designed specifically with embroidery in mind, the machine can handle nearly any project you have in mind. And you’ll love the patented one-step needle threader that allows you to hand over some or all of the threading procedure directly to the machine. Find out how powerful computerized sewing machines can be by manipulating some standard stitch patterns, including elongating and flipping them over.

Elna 7200 Pro

Meanwhile, an Elna 7200 Pro Computerized Sewing machine is geared more towards quilting, but is completely at home with any task, heavy or light. And you’ll be amazed by the number of stitches available, utility, quilting, satin stitches, even buttonholing. There are more than 120 different stitches included. For a dependable sewing powerhouse, this is the ideal machine, even able to handle embroidery on thick fabrics, allowing easy customization of family heirlooms and quilts.

Both machines are built for hard work and precision sewing, While the Elna 8600 Xplore Sewing Machine is more pat for embroidery and household use, while the Elna 7200 Pro provides the beauty of easy quilting with the precision of embroidery. Both are built solidly, and perform well in personal to light industrial applications. The built-in computer makes stitches that you thought were beyond your skills will be as easy as pressing a few buttons, and letting the Elna 7200 Pro teach you how it’s done.

The bad side is that an Elna Sewing Machine is not available in a cheap version. You’ll be sewing like professional, using stitches you had never thought you could do, and more. But you’ll expect to pay the price of those same professionals to get the right quality of machine. Even novice users report that an Elna 8600 Xplore sewing machine is very easy to understand, allowing them to spend more time sewing, and less learning about the many built-in features.

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