Gifts For Quilters Under $5

Looking for some gifts for your favorite quilter that won’t break the bank? Here is a list of great items that this quilter (and probably your quilter) can’t live without!

-Curved safety pins are used for holding the three parts of the quilt together during the quilting process. They’re always lost and you never seem to have enough of these.

-pins for seams-Get pins with the small plastic balls at the end so they can be seen easily and put in and pulled out easily.

-spools of off white, tan or light gray thread for piecing quilt tops together-Make sure it’s for sewing and piecing and NOT quilting thread which is different.

-A package of fine English needles for the quilter who enjoys hand-piecing quilt tops. Okay, in my opinion, the best needles I have ever found for my hand-piecing have been the English ones.

-Sewers and quilters ALWAYS need new needles for their sewing machines (take the name and model number of the sewing machine to the store with you so they can make sure you buy the right type)

-Archival quality fabric pens so your quilter can properly document their name, the date and who the quilt was made for on the quilt. In 100 years, you want your great grandchildren to know who made the quilt and why. In 200 years when it’s in a museum, they’ll want the same information.

-A quilt journal so your quilter can take a picture of any quilts they make and document it in their journal. Hopefully, the journal last 200 years so it can be used to match up those museum pieces with the maker.

-seam rippers-I notice as mine get older, they don’t work as well. Oh and don’t you wish life was like a bad seam; you could just rip it out, start over and know one needs to know you made a mistake.

-fat quarters of fabric-A fat quarter is a quarter yard of fabric but the yard is cut in such a way as to create a fat quarter yard of fabric vs a skinny quarter yard of fabric.

There are whole quilt books dedicated to making quilts just from fat quarters. Fat quarters can add a huge range of colors to a quilter’s stash without taking up lots of room. She who dies with the biggest stash, wins.

-needle case to hold sewing needles-I need these! I have mine stuck into the cork board over my quilting area. That probably isn’t good for those fine English piecing needles I love.

-wrist style pin cushion-I LOVE MINE! It makes it easy to keep track of pins as you pull them out of a seam at the sewing machine, otherwise they end up in a pile next to the machine where they inevitably fall off onto the floor and you have to find them. THEN you’ll need the next little gadget.

-magnetic pin collector-We quilters NEVER drop a container of pins all over the floor and then struggle to pick them all up by hand. Oh no…. never.

-metal needle threaders- NO! My eyes aren’t getting older; they just keep making the holes in the needles smaller every year!

-Regular table top style pin cushion

-Bars of good quality chocolate-Oh yeah, a quilting necessity. When you can’t get all of those stupid little points to line up just right and you’re reaching for the seam ripper yet again, you need chocolate therapy. Trust me on this.

Source by Tammy Paquin

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