Making Handy Pot Holders at Home

Making pot holders at home is a perfect little machine-quilted task, easy to do and quick to finish. It not only employs your creativity while making something functional but is also one such hobby that saves your money from useless drainage at kitchen article shops. They can so be made with your stash or if there’s a theme fabric, this little project is perfect to have fun going domestic. One can also make them with leftover patchwork blocks or scrap fabrics.

If you need to practice mitering your binding corners, it is best advisable to design 8″ square items with a hanging loop which is finished with applied bindings. I’d suggest the inner padding of the device to be made with terrycloth and so you need to keep one your aging towels ready. However, they are to be cut, so do not choose the ones you love.

Now, we begin with the exciting part, the making of a handy holder. Most of the square holders measure between 7″-9″ but for these directions, I’d use an 8″ square. However, the size can be increased or decreased depending on the requirements.

For each pot holder, cut two 8″ squares of cotton fabric, a front and a back. Use 100% cotton only, no synthetic or blends. These are the port holders. Next, cut one 8″ square of the terrycloth towel into the cotton square which would serve as the inner insulating pad. Decide how the pot holder will be machine quilted. For an instance, you may mark a 1-inch diagonal grid starting in the middle, from the top left corner to the bottom right corner and then mark quilting lines. Assemble the holder while placing the terrycloth square in the exact center. You must make sure that the front and back of it are right-side-out. Once set, following the quilting lines, begin machine quilting.

For a much more efficient sew, one may stitch along the pot holder edge as to finish one diagonal line and then begin stitching another. After the pot holder has been machine quilted, it’s time to finish the raw edges. Firstly, trim off any excess threads or fabric, while trying to keep the pot holder square in shape. It may seem difficult for novices, but everything comes with practice.

Before the binding is stitched onto the thing, you may make a hanging loop for the pot holder. For this, you are required to cut a 1 1/4? x 6? strip of matching fabric, lay strip on ironing cloth with wrong side up, then turn both long edges inward 1/4? to butt into each other. Subsequently, press the edges. Once the edges of the loop are pressed in 1/4?, you’d fold in half with the folded edges meeting along the edge. Press again. The loop strip can be closed with machine stitching. Next, fold the hanging loop in half. Pin the ends of the loop along the top-right edge of the front, an inch from the corner.

Make the binding with a strip of matching cotton fabric. Cut one strip of 1 1/2? x 35?. However, make longer if pot holder is larger than 8?. Add the binding 1/4th” and don’t forget to miter the edges. Now, you must finish the binding. Turn it to the back of the holder and pin it in proper place. Stitch the binding to the back. Always make sure you miter the edges.

That’s all you’ve got to do to make the pot holder ready. Happy Sewing!

Source by Sergey Brinchok

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