Money Saving Tips For Sewing

Many people think that the fabric needed for sewing is really expensive.  With the exception of specialty fabrics, this doesn’t have to be true.  You can find fabric at very reasonable prices and it’s easier than you think.  Between sales, memberships, online shopping and more, you can save a lot of money.  Here are six tips to help you start saving now!

  1. Be creative.  You don’t always have to go to a fabric store to find your fabric.  Whether you’re looking for small or large pieces, think outside the box.  Thrift stores and dollar stores can be great places to find material.  As long as you like the fabric, buy it.  Buy a bunch of shirts and cut them into whatever shape you need to create a patchwork quilt.  Buy bedspreads to create shower curtains or use them as the backing for a quilt.  If you’re buying used clothes, make sure to examine them for stains or holes.  As well, make sure to first wash the fabric before you use it so that you know it is clean.
  2. Look for sales.  This is a classic that never changes and now it’s easier than ever.  Before you would actually have to go to a store or wait for a flyer to come in the mail in order to find out if there was a sale on.  But now you can go online.  First, go to the website for each store that you like to shop at and look for any announcements of sales.  While there, take a look for clearance or sales items that you can buy online.  Next, sign up for newsletters and promotional offers that are sent by e-mail.  Check your e-mail regularly so that you don’t miss out on any last minute sales. 
  3. Get the kids involved.  Want to create a unique look or an exciting print?  Buy some fabric paint and let the kids go wild.  Let them come up with their own designs.  Just be sure to cover the floor or table with newspaper or plastic if your kids are really messy.  Not only is it an easy clean up and you won’t have to worry about your furniture becoming damaged, but you’ll feel more relaxed and able to enjoy the experience a lot more.
  4. Join memberships.  A lot of stores offer memberships for a low yearly subscription price.  In return, you’ll receive extra discounts for members only, points that can be redeemed for merchandise and advance notice of sales.  If you do enough sewing or if you have a large project to do, the membership will pay for itself with the amount of money you save.
  5. Look for bargain shops.  Ask your friends if they know of any stores that sell fabric at great prices.  You can find bargain stores that carry only fabrics at a cheaper price than the big name stores.  Bargain stores are often cramped and may not offer the service you are use to, but the savings are worth it.  As well, you often have to search through the material to find what you are looking for, but you can find gems along the way.  I have a friend that will only buy fabric from these bargain stores because the deals are so great!
  6. Check the want ads or eBay.  Sometimes people buy material that they never use and will sell it cheap just to get rid of it.  If you are able, take a look at the fabric before you buy to ensure that it is clean and doesn’t have any large holes or tears in it.  Then enjoy the bargain you just found!

Source by Joanne Jones

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