Neck Tie Quilts – Top 4 Reasons You Have To Make One!

For many generations quilts have kept us warm and in more recent times, quilting has become a very popular hobby and craft. Quilts have been made from many different fabrics, but have you considered making a quilt from neckties? Read on for the top 4 reasons you have to make one!

1. Eye-catching

Remember the last time you walked past a rack of neckties at a store? You just had to stop to look at all the different colors and patterns displayed together. Imagine creating a beautiful necktie quilt that is truly a unique and eye-catching work of art!

2. Fun

Besides the quilting itself, half of the fun is collecting the ties themselves! Raid your husband’s closet, visit thrift stores, friends, family, garage sales, and consignment shops. Be careful about asking for donations from family and friends that live nearby. You may end up with lots of ties dropped off over several weeks and end up with enough ties for a big fat wedding!

3. Exercise your creativity

Since men’s neckties offer less material to work with, you may have to get a little creative in the type of pattern you use. Many have found success using a Dresden plate pattern, or sewing ties onto a regular block pattern. Others have created a sun-like pattern with the neckties reaching out like rays! Playing with all the color schemes may at first seem daunting, but after a few minutes, you will find it most rewarding as you discover colors and patterns that seem to work well together.

4. Memorable

Choosing to work with neckties from a spouse, a close friend, or someone who has passed away can help you create a more personal quilt with much more meaning. Like photographs, each tie remnant could tell stories of where they were worn, special events they attended, or even what they might have carried home from a restaurant or two. For someone who has passed away, this type of quilt can serve as a remembrance and cherished for many years to come.

Yes, creating a quilt from neckties can be a rewarding experience, and I highly recommend you try making one!

Source by Jeriann Martin

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