Quilt Lore And Other Facts To Amuse – Did You Know

Q. Did you know the Medieval Knights of old wore quilted, padded garments underneath their armor?

A. Absolutely, and the Ladies of said Knights, had unique covers made of cotton, silk or eiderdown in their bedchambers to keep them warm and snuggly!

Q. Did you know that during the ‘civil war’ the wives sent along with their men handmade quilts to serve as bedding?

A. Yep, and some of those little quiltmakers were ‘Abolishinists’ and used quilts to smuggle messages and supplies sewn into the blocks, edgings and tacking.

Q. Did you know that Macy’s didn’t invent bed linen just for their once a year ‘WhiteSale’?

A. Tis to laugh! Bedding has been around for ages and has taken on a range of patterns, colors and fabrics.

Q. Did you know ‘Quilt Art’ is an established and legitimate and artistic medium?

A. You bet! Some of these ‘quilt artists’ travel to competions around the country winning ribbons and sometimes cash awards for their efforts.

Q. Did you know that there are several ‘Quilt Museums’ in this country?

A. Of course you did and they actually hang antique, vintage, old and new quilts on the walls displaying them for every one to see.

Q. Did you know that some European countries have a “Duvet Day”?

A. It is one or more times a year when an employee can simply phone in and say they are not coming in to work, even though they have no leave booked and are not ill! KOOL IDEA!

Q. Did you know that if Microsoft, Yahoo and Google got together, they could become Softhoogoo?

A. Not! That’s just silly me!

Source by Tonie Day

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