Quilting Books – Tips On How To Choose

If you are looking to give your mother something a little different for her birthday, Mother's Day or at Christmas rather than flowers, then why not consider getting her a quilting book as well? You will soon find her enjoying this unique present that you have bought for her for years to come. You never know – she may even pass it on to you in the future!

There are numerous places where these books can be purchased. You have the choice of online book stores such as Amazon and also quilt websites which are dedicated to the art of quilting. Plus you could even try your local bookstore to see what they have to offer or they may be able to arrange to get a copy of a specific book that you are interested in for your mother. Below we will now take a look at some of the books you may want to consider as a gift for your mother.

1. The first one is called "Scrapworks" from Indygo Junction and is by Paula Joerling. This contains ten beautiful appliquéd and embroidered designs for helping to embellish clothing or pillows or wall hangings or any other item that your mother can think of. All the illustrated projects come with full size patterns and the book provides a list of the materials that will be needed and also easy to follow illustrated instructions.

2. The next book is called "Mystery Quilts" and comes from the American Quilter's Society and is by Rita Fishel. This is the ideal quilting book for a woman who is only just starting to learn how to quilt. Not only does it contain quick and easy blocks for a person to produce but also contains some very interesting quilting stories as well. There are 15 quilts within this book and each one comes with complete instructions as well as providing a list of the materials needed in order to make them.

Above we have provided you with details on a couple of quilting books that are now available and that you may want to consider as a present for your mother. But if you were either to visit the American Quilter's Society or Indygo Junction websites you will find plenty of others that they can suggest as being a suitable quilting book gift for your mother.

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