Quilting Fabrics

Quilts have been around for centuries because they provide comfort on cold nights. They are made by sewing together two or more layers of fabric. The top is designed in numerous squares and of different pattern, and the bottom is made up of just plain fabric joined with a fine soft layer of fabric in between.

As mentioned before, the top part or the quilt has myriads of designs that are usually made by hand. They are different patch works sewn together to create a beautiful and sometimes sentimental piece of art. This patchwork varies from floral design to geometric shapes and patterns to prints of pale and bold shades. Modern quilted fabric carries photographs of loved ones and sentimental items sewn into the fabric. A Hollywood film was even inspired by the grand patchwork of American quilts making for a heartwarming movie.

To be able to create an excellent quilt, one must choose the appropriate fabric for the project. It has been said that a fabric that has added threads for every inch is suitable for quilting. Favorite fabric for quilting is cotton, because it has all this necessity and much more. It is light, yet durable and very comfy to the touch. Cotton also holds pleats well and is very easy to handle making is easy to sew on designs.

Fabrics used in quilting, more importantly, should not shrink and clasp when washed, and colors should not fade. It should be able to withstand excessive use and abuse, as well as several washings and drying. Remember that a good fabric makes up for a great quilt and a great quilt can be passed from generation to generation.

Source by Richard Romando

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