Quilting With Cotton Crocheted Doilies

Use your cotton crocheted doilies as part of your quilting projects. These doilies can be used in the center of each quilting square, as an appliqué or for edging. And if you have in your quilt fabric stash reproductions of fabric prints from the 17th century this will be an added opportunity to create a very unique quilt.

In my youth doilies were commonly used:

  • On armchair rests
  • Draped over the back rest section of chairs and sofas
  • Used on fireplace mantels to underline candle holders and other knickknacks
  • Found on end tables underlining peanut and candy dishes
  • Table lamps and silver bowls stood on doilies

Can you recall your mother or your grandmother spending hours crocheting these lace mats?

I rarely see these doilies anymore. But, I have noticed quilters are using them in their wall art quilts, throws, and bed covers.

Doilies can be found at swap meets, flea markets, garage sales, and antique shops. Here is a word of caution; think carefully before stitching these doilies. If the doilies you are preparing to use are considered as collectibles or are in the category of being antiques; proceed with caution.

The value of your doilies will determine how you may use them in your quilting. Appliqué these lace decorations to your quilt fabric will preserve both as a keepsake.

Doilies are usually round, but are crocheted in rectangular, oval, and square shapes as well. Do your best to not cut the doilies. Cut your fabric to accommodate the size and the shape of the doily.

These lace decorator scarves were crocheted from cotton in an openwork pattern or holes which displayed the counter top with its drape as well as to protect the furniture from scratches caused by metal bowls. These cotton beauties are excellent for our cotton quilt fabrics.

You may possibly have designs which were edged with roses, a popcorn pattern, or ruffles.

  • The roses would add interest.
  • The popcorn pattern would add texture
  • Ruffles can offer a thicker dimension to your quilting project.

I just had a flashback. Also as a small child I remember my mother had starched a ruffled doily which was the exterior skirt overlapping a satin stuffed skirt which held a beautiful slim doll wearing a crocheted picture hat in the center of this doily skirt.

Stuffing your appliqué doily in appropriate areas will amaze you with wonderful results. It was also common to thread pretty ribbons through the open areas of these crocheted beauties. This would also add an unusual attractiveness to your quilt design.

Source by Tricia Deed

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