The Quilted Handbag – A Supreme Fashion Statement

A quilted handbag has in the past reminded us of Grandma’s old knitting bag, but the ‘trendiness’ of quilting in general has seen these special handbags make a decided comeback into fashion circles.

Quilting itself, like several other traditional handcrafts, has seen a resurgence of popularity as people turn their attention to the simplicity of a quieter life, close to nature, and begin to value the reusing of resources like scrap fabrics.

Quilted handbags are now on offer to delight all ages. One of the things that make these bags such excellent companions is its uniqueness, blended with usability. You don’t have to worry about scratching a polished leather surface, or whether a slight mark will be noticeable. The better brands of quilted handbags are usually washable, at least by hand.

A small quilted purse has a smart, ‘rich’ look, and a large handbag in a quilted style conveys a sense of comfort as it reminds us of warm winter bed covers.

A designer brand quilted handbag has several special features that differentiate it from handmade or cheaper brands. Firstly, the workmanship will be noticeably of good quality. Next, the fabric itself will be a special patent design and in timeless good taste, and lastly there is such a wide range of styles available that you’ll be able to match practically any outfit.

People identify quilted goods with a sense of the simple warmth of home comforts. The padded, colorful look of the patchwork squares of quilting goes so well with either a leather trim or wooden handles. To increase its usefulness, most bags will have additional inside pockets, especially sized to accommodate your cell phone or sunglasses. Your designer handbag will become your familiar friend, and identify you as a person of good taste.

What’s the best way to choose your quilted handbag? Browse online to see the styles available and have it sent direct, since a quilted handbag is unquestionably something you will have fun showing off to your family and friends.

Source by Sue Rumsley

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