Working From Home – Dealing With Friends and Relatives

One of the biggest hurdles that home business owners have to deal with is the misconception that just because they are home that they really aren’t working. Those of us that operate our own business form home know that is not the case at all. Your friend and relatives are probably the worst offenders of this.

When starting your business, send out an email, postcard or letter that announces your new business to everyone. Include everything that normal business owners would include, mailing address, phone number, email and web address and fax number. This will help your business seem more legitimate.

Make sure that you establish normal business hours and stick to them. This will help in keeping those friends or relatives from just stopping by unannounced. Another benefit is it should help you be more disciplined in getting your work down during these specified hours.

If that still doesn’t work, you will probably have to be a bit firm when you discuss this with them. Now, these are your loved ones so be polite but don’t back down. Explain to them that during your work hours that your clients or customers really do come first. This is usually a tough one for most people but it must get done if need be.

The sooner you stop the misconception that you aren’t really working for home the better you will be in the long run. Lay out the ground rules early on. It will only help established boundaries right away and help your business get off to a much faster start.

Source by Rich Magnanti

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