Carhartt Outerwear Keeps You the Warmest This Winter

The snow has fallen in a lot of areas which means temperatures have been dropping and the sweatshirts or long-sleeves are cutting it anymore at the jobsite. Lucky for you, Carhartt has been preparing all summer long and ready to outfit you with work clothing that’ll keep you warm but also last. Carhartt has over 25 different jacket styles and over 15 insulated bottom styles to keep you warm on the jobsite. Let’s first take a look at jackets and coats.

Carhartt makes their jackets and coats in many different styles. Carhartt jackets are cut shorter covering you just past the belt line. Their coats are cut a few inches longer giving you coverage closer to a mid-thigh length. Carhartt sets their self apart from their competitors in offering many jackets into a 5XL and also in Tall sizes from Large Tall to 4XL-Tall. The tall versions of both the jackets and coats give you additional one to two inches in the sleeves and in the torso for enhanced coverage.

The J130 Sandstone Active Jac which is quilted-flannel lined is one of their most popular jackets. Being very warm and coming with an attached hood is definitely the characteristics that draw people to this jacket. The C55 Extremes Coat is the warmest coat that Carhartt offers in the coat style. With the longer cut and arctic-quilt lining this coat ensures wind won’t be able to get to you even when reaching for things above your head. The J141 also offers exceptional warmth but with an open bottom and hood is a common jacket chose for workers wearing bibs in addition. No matter the warmth you are looking for or characteristics most likely has a jacket or coat that will fit your needs on the jobsite.

Although keeping your upper body warm is important keeping your legs warm is just as important. Carhartt has many options in this department including insulated pants as well as insulated bib overalls. Both of these provide warmth to the worker but combined with the Carhartt quality ensure the pants will last. The R41 Duck Zip-to-Thigh Bib Overall which is quilt lined is a great option and gives you warmth at an affordable price point. If you are looking for the warmest bibs Carhartt offers the R33 Extremes Zip-to-Waist Biberall is the choice for you. This arctic-quilt lined biberall provides extraordinary warmth and nylon exterior provides water repellent attributes. This bib is the matching item to the C55, as mentioned before, or J133. They also offer the B172 Flannel-lined Jean or B111 Flannel-lined Work Dungaree if you believe the bibs would be too much. Lastly, they offer complete coveralls in the three weights Quilt Lined (X01), Arctic-Quilt Lined (X02), or Extremes Arctic-Quilt Lined (X06) if you prefer the one-piece warmth option.

Source by Chandra Nicolosi

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