Free-Motion Meandering: A Beginners Guide to Machine Quilting

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As Angela says in her introduction, ‘A meander is a quilting design that is repeated to fill in an area. It’s one of the most versatile designs to learn. A couple of meandering designs in your arsenal are all you need to quilt almost any quilt. After a good introduction to the basics, Angela launches into a step-by-step explanation of the basic meander. Her instructions are clear, well illustrated, and very encouraging. At the end of each section she includes a question and answer section with helpful hints to improve your quilting. Angela then moves on to somewhat more advanced designs such as loops, the swirl, paisley, leafy and feather meanders. For each design, explanations are given for how to fill an area or use meanders in a border or combine them with different designs. She finishes with a section on ‘Improv Quilting’ where you get to practice combining all the designs to create a uniquely interesting look to your quilts. As with any technique, practice makes for a gradual improvement every time you sit and give it a go. (The Canadian Quilter, Winter 2017)

As always, Angela’s encouraging style invites quilters of any level to try their hand at machine quilting. She clearly breaks down the process of creating a variety of meanders suitable for quilts of any style. I highly recommend this book for quilters who wish to improve their skill at meandering in a variety of ways as well as for those wanting to better understand how to successfully fill a space with quilting. (Machine Quilting Unlimited, January/February 2018)

Best-selling author Angela Walters is a masterful quilter. Her book starts with the basics of quilting and supplies needed. She helps you master meandering with 8 different stitching patterns plus variations with step-by-step visual instructions and samples. (McCall’s Quick Quilts, February/March 2018)

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