Hand Stitching or Machine Stitching?

Hand stitching or machine stitching will be a personal choice. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. Your arguments for either method will hold true. It is a matter of personal choice.

Seven advantages of hand stitching include:

  1. Portability – This advantage offers you the opportunity to take your cut pieces anywhere you wish. You can be stitching while sitting in a school parking lot waiting for your child to be taken home.We have all experienced long waits at the doctor’s office. Quite a bit of stitching can be done will waiting for our appointment.
  2. Hand quilting can be done while traveling by car, bus, or airplane. There are some of us that do not have patience with idle hands and stitching will keep our fingers and our minds occupied on these long trips.
  3. Do you enjoy the outdoors? Many of us enjoy sitting on the porch sipping our favorite drink and stitching while listening to the sounds of nature or enjoying time with our children or our pets. It is a great way to combine baby sitting and relaxing with our hobby.
  4. Hand stitching will also allow you the time to experiment with new patterns or to have better control and more accuracy for stitching seams, curves, and circles.
  5. Some of us feel guilty as we sit at a machine stitching squares in a room removed from our husband and other family members as they watch television. Hand stitching will give you the time to be sitting with family members sharing individual interests and enjoy quilting at the same time.
  6. Do you belong to a quilting club? Do you drag your sewing machine to the meeting? It is easier not to carry the heavy load.
  7. Hand stitching allows for social time with our friends while creating a master piece of beauty with conversation and jokes. There are many memories from these rewarding experiences. Both you and the group will take pride in a job well done.

As a hand quilter I have gotten in the habit of carrying my cut pieces in a plastic bag. Threads also do well in plastic bags as the thread slides easily through the sealer part of the bag while holding the other spools of thread.

If you are concerned about sharp scissors cutting through your plastic bags I recommend using an empty dental floss container. It cuts thread very well. Depending on the size of the dental floss container it is also a good place to store needles.

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