Information On Different Types Of Quilting Frames

Quilting frames are structures that hold the fabric of the quilt in place while the quilter sews it in place. Traditionally these frames were used for hand quilting only but there are certain types that can be used for the sewing machine use as well. There are basically three types of frames that are available and you can get the one most suited to your needs. These are generally made of wood and the size of it depends on the size of the quilt which is going to be made.

The first type of frame is known as the Full Size type. This is useful when a large quilt needs to be made. This type is also known as a stretcher frame. The reason for this is that the quilt made on this one appears fully lengthened. This is its only disadvantage. If you have the place for it only then should you buy this type. The good thing about this one is that basting is not required if you are using this frame. The tension of the fabric remains constant throughout.

The second type is called the Q-Snap floor PVC type. This is the best type of PVC frames available. The material used to make it is of very high quality and the frame therefore is very durable. The dimensions of this type allows for many quilters to be working together. The quilt is held together on this frame with the use of ribbed inner surface caps as clamps. An advantage of this type is that if you purchase a tilt kit separately then you get the freedom of angling it in any position that is most comfortable for you.

The last type is the Three Roller type. In this there are three bars. The backing and batting layers of the quilt is placed on two rollers and the quilt top is attached to the remaining bar. This type is advantageous because the quilt does not sag and thus the need for basting is completely eliminated. The disadvantage of this type is that constant adjustments have to be made in this frame.

These frames can be easily purchased from stores in malls or you can get them custom-made if you so wish. to save on some money the best thing to do is to order online. on the internet you can find a number of offers and discounts that will make them affordable to you.

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