Quilting is Fun – So is Making Money

Quilting is fun. It can be a loner activity if you wish but most people like to get together as a group and work on a quilt together. Now, that can be a weekly or monthly social life. Each meeting is filled with happy people sewing, talking, laughing, exchanging quilting ideas and sewing methods, sharing a bit of gossip, and later having a copy of coffee and a slice of home baked cake which welcomes an exchange of dessert recipes. Is that fun or what?

Thank you and a salute to technology! What would we do without the Internet and the cell phone? These two mechanical gadgets give us freedom, flexibility, and the ability to socialize or conduct business whenever and wherever we wish. These tools are a big money and time saver. We save on gas and car expenses and we do not have to physically tie up our time in meetings, a phone call or an email will do just fine.

Quilting is fun so is making money. Have you experienced earning an income while doing something you love and having fun doing it? Most people hate their jobs or are disappointed with their corporate careers.

Think back to when you were a child starting your public education. Do you remember making a lot of things from paper, egg cartons, drawing with crayons, or constructing paper buildings or making paper chains? Can you recall those many years of being encouraged to be creative? You were allowed to let your imagination run at full speed.

Then it stopped.

The creativity that is within you is shouting to be released again. You have found your creative expression in quilting. And you love quilting with a passion.

Do not feel guilty making money from an employment that gives you fun. Do not feel guilty that you are having fun. Your creative abilities have been supported by your natural ability to design quilts and your training instructions of how to stitch and sew. This talent is your gift for earning money to support you and your family in your chosen lifestyle.

Have fun making money; start your home based quilting business in the comfort of your home. You are off to a good start because you have a building and the space within where you have been making quilts. The next step is to get your business license, set up necessary legal aspects of operating a business, selecting your business name and so on.

Source by Tricia Deed

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