Today I’m a Monster

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***** (5*) Just whatI needed!Every once in a while I come across a children's book thatmakes me both smile and brings tears to my eyes. This is one of those books. Weall have bad days. We all become monsters. This story is a wonderful way toshow your child that it's ok. No matter what happens they are loved andunderstood. It's absolutely wonderful!
By Amazon Customer mom2three

***** 5 Stars 

Such a sweet book! My daughter is 5 and she gave me a big hug after we read it together. It definitely touched us both. Very much recommend this book for a cuddly snugly bed time reading! 🙂
By Amazon customer Iryna S.

***** 5 Stars 

Adorable monster story! I am excited to see this book being so kind and adorable yet taking about the monster, as many kids are afraid of them, but not this one. The story is profound with idea of good relationship with family, mother and teaches love and kindness – that's exactly the personality i would love to see in my growing up son. Very sweet book
By Amazon customer Olvij

***** (5*) ILOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!
As a grandma, I couldrelate to this story both for my own son years ago and my grandkids now. Itmade me smile and laugh and even brought tears to my eyes this morning becauseit is so sweetly written and so very true! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I can't waitto read it to our two-year-old twin grandsons who are usually so very sweet andpolite but on rare occasions wake up like a monster too!
By Amazon customer Rose W

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