What Can You Do With a Quilt Block?

Do you find yourself with a bunch of left over quilt blocks? Don’t throw them away! There are so many things you can do with left over quilt blocks. Here are 10 ideas for projects using your extras:

1. Make small tote bags or purses. Add a pre-made wooden handle you can buy at your local craft store.

2. Make scrapbook or photo album covers. The are also great scrapbook page backgrounds.

3. Quilt your leftovers individually and make potholders and trivets. Use thinner batting, cut the quilt block down a bit and glue a thin piece of cork to the back to create a coaster.

4. Stitch or fuse a couple together, then use it as fabric from which to cut a Christmas stocking.

5. Make a small wall hanging.

6. Dress up an old jacket or cardigan by heat bonding a block onto the center backside. Use fabric paint to trim out the edges of it or add an anti-fray product to the edges. If you are accustomed to sewing, add a zig zag or satin stitch to secure the edges and add a nice finish.

7. Create dining room decor. Use single blocks for placemats. Piece several blocks together to make a table runner.

8. Make pillows. Single blocks are the perfect sice to create toss pillows for your sofa, loveseat or chairs. Make pillow shams for your bed by stitching several together to fit your pillows.

9. Quilt just one block and finish the edges. It will make a nice quilt for a child’s stuffed animal or dollhouse comforter.

10. Make bookmarks. Cut the block into strips about three inches wide. Fuse them to another piece of fabric cut the same size. Hot glue rick rack around the edges for a no-sew finish. Crafty people comfortable with sewing may use a zig zag or satin stitch to finish them out. If hand stitching, use a blanket stitch to complete the edge.

In addition to the ten ideas for creating other items from your old or extra pieced blocks, you could consider donating your extras to charity. Local senior centers that offer quilting classes might welcome the gift of some prepared blocks. If you are interested in keeping the money yourself, you can sell your extras. Advertise them in a local paper or in online classifieds. You should also consider an online auction. Try selling them in a yard sale.

If the 10 crafty ideas listed above have inspired you to make a few of those items, you can piece blocks specifically for these projects, or look around to find someone who has extras lying around. Check garage or tag sales, thrift stores and online auctions and classifieds to find spare quilt blocks.

If you will be piecing your own blocks from which to craft, experiment with some new patterns. You can find a library full of quilt block patterns online. You will find quilt block patterns for all levels of quilting, beginner to highly skilled. If you are new to quilting all together, look for quilting tips from a how-to-quilt website or find an online quilting coach if you do not have someone locally who can teach you the art of quilting.

Source by Penny Halgren

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